StrikeAlert™ Asset Management for Crash Cushions and Attenuators

The StrikeAlert™ system utilizes both hardware and software technologies to continuously monitor the status of crash cushions and truck mounted attenuators. This powerful system gives managers insight into the status of their crash cushion inventory with details of collision, inspection, and repair events.

  • Awareness and rapid repair are the keys to maintaining a safe highway environment.
  • Management of a crash cushion inventory requires real-time status reports on your desktop – not just drive-by reporting.
  • Response time is the key to repairing and restoring a damaged attenuator. Prompt response is critical because a damaged attenuator is not a safety device, it is a hazard.
  • The StrikeAlert™ Attenuator Dashboard provides managers with system-wide tracking of impact incidents, repair, and inspection events. Because the Dashboard is automatically updated by the StrikeAlert™ monitor, managers are empowered with an up-to-date, sortable record of each attenuator in their system. Now managers can track repair response times, incident frequency, and current status while cross-referencing them against attenuator model and maintenance contractor.
  • The StrikeAlert™ Critical Notice system provides stakeholders with real-time awareness of attenuator impacts via text or email messages. First responders, maintenance personnel, and managers are all in the loop for the most rapid restoration of their safety infrastructure.

StrikeAlert Spec Sheet