Accurate data on traffic conditions is the key to planning. The iCone™ system is portable, easy to set up, and affordable, so it allows for rapid collection of traffic data without investing in permanent infrastructure.

Dynamic Work Zone Planning

By placing a few iCones around a proposed work zone for a short time, you can develop a good model of traffic speeds and densities based on time of day and day of week.


Law Enforcement

The iCone, the first autonomous traffic speed outpost, has been introduced to the national stage through the combined efforts of law enforcement agencies, transportation officials and private sector innovators.



The StrikeAlert™ system utilizes both hardware and software technologies to continuously monitor the status of crash cushions and truck mounted attenuators.


Emergency Evacuation System

The iCone™ Emergency Evacuation System is an off the grid temporary traffic information network designed for this task that can be set up and operating in just a few hours.


Live Data

View live traffic data with our online map.

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Waze Connected

iCone Products LLC is partnered with Waze to deliver live traffic data to its users.