Emergency Evacuation System


During hurricanes and other emergencies, communities face the daunting task of evacuating huge numbers of vehicles in a short period of time. The iCone® Emergency Evacuation System is an off the grid temporary traffic information network designed for this task that can be set up and operating in just a few hours. It will quickly begin providing useful information, continue working when infrastructure fails, and can be managed from remote locations


Preloaded trucks each containing between 50 and 200 fully charged iCones® are ready to use. Three men per truck can drop iCones® at predetermined intervals while the truck is moving at 15 MPH and will easily cover over 30 miles of road in an hour. A network covering hundreds of miles of roads can be created in just a few hours. Each battery powered iCone® will continue to operate for more than 2 weeks and will communicate via satellite if ground based systems become inoperable.


Once an iCone® is dropped it immediately begins to report real time conditions. As traffic patterns are modified for the evacuation, the iCone® will continue to report the actual speeds where it is located no matter the direction of traffic flow. By monitoring the iConeTraffic.com website the director of the evacuation plan can instruct officers to direct motorists to the fastest and clearest routes, avoiding unexpected stoppages and delays.


Even after the evacuation the iCone® network will be visible on the web from remote locations allowing for continued monitoring. The bottom heavy design of iCones® makes them stable in high winds, but if any iCones® do move during the evacuation or event a few men can replace them quickly, creating a traffic network to provide assistance to returning drivers.

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