Dynamic Work Zone Planning

Accurate data on traffic conditions is the key to planning. The iCone® system is portable, easy to set up, and affordable, so it allows for rapid collection of traffic data without investing in permanent infrastructure.


By placing a few iCones® around a proposed work zone for a short time, you can develop a good model of traffic speeds and densities based on time of day and day of week. This is real data easily accessible and available from the iConeTraffic.com web site that can be used to improve maintenance, design traffic control plans, construction staging, and traffic impact analysis. iCone® data can be used to individualize lane closure charts to both minimize disruption of traffic flow and maximize available working hours.
The result is improved motorist satisfaction and reduced bid prices.


By strategically placing iCones® while the project is underway the traffic manager or engineer can monitor the effectiveness of traffic control plans and make informed modifications as necessary. It is easy to collect metrics on traffic flow through the work zone using iCone’s® preprogrammed tools available on the website. If a detour or alternative route is available, a few iCones® placed along it will allow for monitoring of this route. The traffic manager, using the simple-to-use web tools, can insure that variable message signs automatically instruct motorists which route to take for proactive detour management based on real time conditions. The result is a work zone which can dramatically improve motorist and highway worker safety.

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